Monday, January 19, 2009

Daily Life

It was sunny and cold today. It will be cold everyday, but today it was sunny and crisp as well. There was still quite a bit of snow on the ground, in the trees, and on the roof tops, and since the sun was out the city looked bright and beautiful. Our apartment is located right in the center of the city. The look and feel of things is very much like staying near Union Square in San Francisco. Just like SF, the buildings are large and imposing, very old architecture mixed with new, scaffolding over the sidewalks, and signage everywhere.

We did some daily life things today; like go to the grocery store, the bank, the mall, and to McDonalds for lunch. Be thankful for SaveMart and Vons! The grocery store is pretty much like ducking into a doorway in an alley. The entire store is about as big as a master bedroom. The mall, on the other hand, looked just like an American mall; it has many of the same stores, a food court, but it is underground. One nice thing about this city it that you cross major intersections by going under them, through a large tunnel. The stairs down look exactly like an entrance onto BART. Within the tunnels there are vendors selling everything you can imagine, including fresh, beautiful flowers, any kind you could want. If you have ever been to the Pike's Market in Seattle it looks just like that.

Tomorrow, we have our appointment at the SDA, 9:30 a.m., our time. We are 10 hours ahead of California. Following this appointment we will receive referrals to permit us to go to the orphanages. Please pray we receive we 2 referrals, no more no less, and for the right children.

After we receive the referrals, perhaps tomorrow afternoon or the next day, we will travel to the region where they are located. We will take the train and it will be about a 10 hour trip. We will travel at night in a sleeper car. Our facilitator will be traveling and staying with us in the region. I think she will speak English and Ukrainian/Russia. What a blessing! Hopefully, we will be the same to her.

Thanks for checking in on us! Keep the comments coming! We love hearing from you! Add your picture too! Seeing your faces makes us smile!


  1. All our prayers now are focused on the SDA tomorrow!!!
    God's Speed,

  2. You blog so good :) You answered a lot of my ? like what is the time difference and when you get to see the boys. We will be praying for your appt. and travel. All our love and friendship to you!!

    I am so impressed, two days of blogging in a row:) I didn't even get to a computer for a week when we were in Ukraine. We will be in heavy prayer at 11:30 pm (California time) tonight. Can't wait to read your blog tomorrow:)

    Here is KLOVE'S encouraging word for the day:

    Jesus replied, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

    --John 6:35, NLT

  4. Daily Life: went to work, vacuumed floors, washed clothes and finished science project. We not only miss you, but we want to be with you. Thanks for keeping everyone updated. It gives us specifics for our prayers.

  5. Howdy! Beach was great and thanks for the prayer, best trip so far! PTL for sure! Today was a fun day in the sun. Went to the "barn" for a jr hi staff meeting and the other 5 of my family "played" with Cricket, Tom and their new puppy. You were missed up there exploring and jumping on the trampoline. Tonight at BSF Rachel made sure everyone got a hello from you :)
    So guess what I am doing at 11:30 tonight?? That leaves an hour of folding laundry, packing lunches, and a bit of declutter. Hey Tony, Trevor finally made an apt for his glasses. We laughed, since his glasses are broken and life is a bit fuzzy for him. :) The joys of being past 40.
    Hugs and prayers from California.

  6. Hi Guys, We are all having so much fun keeping track of your travels! L loves the castle! She's two today. We wrapped it up and gave it to her and told her it was from all of you:) It was her favorite gift this am. Wow, those flowers look beautiful. We are getting ready for bed and you are all getting ready for your appointment. We will pray the Lord gives you grace and you accomplish what needs to happen so you can bring the boys home soon.

  7. I know... you've already heard from the Reis Family, but that's mostly Jerre. I wanted to annoy you personally. The kids pray for you guys every night, and (Tony...)I told Neal I'd keep him updated about you. Looks like it's about 6 minutes until your appointment. We've been praying specifically about your paperwork. Love you guys!

  8. I posted on the wrong page.......It's 11:30 exactly now and I am praying that you will have an overwhelming calm as you meet with the powers that decide the future for your family. May God bring about the plans that He has planted in your hearts!!

  9. Hi all,
    loving the U2 but you knew i would! so cheery to see tulips in the middle of winter! so much is filling each of your days. it makes my afternoon of playing guitar hero feel shallow and empty. But now i do rock at Hot For Teacher so that's something! echoing the prayers of all and adding a prayer for officials with stuffed pockets so that they don't want anymore $$. Now you have almost completed the trifecta of Planes Trains and Automobiles. I'm rambling but its late here and that is what i do in person so there you have it. Peace, Grace, Hope, and Love is my prayer for you today!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!