Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Far, So Good

This picture comes from our long drive to Wednesday's appointment. Along the way we did get to see a few things we had never seen before, like frozen lakes with people ice fishing on them. The black dots on the posted picture are people fishing on a frozen lake. We apologize that many of our pictures are so-so. Almost all of them are taken through a car window.

Turns out, our destination was the village where the boys were born and had entered the system. This was kind of an unexpected detail. We were very excited to see that many people in the village were riding bikes! That, combined with the fact that most of those employed in this village work for farms or dairies, seemed providential. Go Aggies! Perhaps we will be sending a son or two (or daughter or two) to UCD as a 4th generation Aggie!

The appointment itself went well. Thank you for your prayers! We received a favorable recommendation and the necessary documents. While these are influential, the final decision will not be made until we go to court. There are still some outstanding documents to be obtained before we can submit an application requesting a court date. The process is sure slower than we'd like; however, we don't have any reason to believe that the eventual outcome will be anything less than what we have our hearts set on. The next big, important appointment will be on Monday.

We are finished with paperwork appointments for the next few days. Tomorrow we will visit one of our guys and Saturday we will visit the other. Then, on Sunday we think we will be going to the circus! We'll keep you posted. We'd love to hear what all of you are up to as well!

We are so thankful for the all the great friends taking this journey with us. We are indeed blessed!


  1. That is awesome!!! Have you found any good churches there? haha that would be a fun experience!

  2. We are happy ALL is going so well for you guys!
    Enjoy the visits and the circus yourselves.
    And please tell both boys we miss, pray for and love them!
    Looking forward to bike rides with all four G Kids.
    Love and prayers always

  3. What a wonderful positive blog entry today. Sounds soooo hopeful. And the weekend activities sound great. We enjoyed Sara and Dan here last weekend. Then I kept Kira for 3 days while Charis and Dan went away to Tahoe. Anna and Rod are enjoying a hotel with an indoor water park in Kansas City. Me, I'm getting my hair colored...LeRoy is visiting his Dad on the there you have it. We're off to be Booma and PaPa at the Reis' on Sunday.

  4. Christian is right now reading a book called, "A Wrinkle in Time". Tiffany is feeding Hippy. I am sure Susan is particulary interested in how Hippy is doing! John is driving back from Sacramento. He has been at a wine symposim since Tuesday. Tiffany is now back in her bedroom reading another Nancy Drew book. I just mopped the floors and washed a load of clothes. Can it be more mundane than that!

  5. sounds productive! right now brian and i are watching tv. kids are sleeping. Kenna just finished "Wrinkle in Time" in her 6th grade class!! what a small world. Andrew told me he is excited for our stay at home day tomorrow ( no school or BSF). Jammies till noon. :) Graham has a language test tomorrow that we studied for before bed. That's it

  6. the news from the Adams' house is that Valerie has started a part-time job after 15 years of not working outside our home. (violin lessons don't count...'cause they are inside our home!!) We are adjusting to getting the same work done at home in half the time. Valerie's body is adjusting to the physically demanding work of cleaning the church....which feels like it has far too many toilets and floors! :-) Luke started preschool last week two mornings a week and loves it. Matthew was measured today for his 8th grade graduation gown and informs us that he is officially 5'10". We are looking forward to making it to the end of this taxing week and celebrating with a family night of listening to a book on CD. The People of Sparks.....sequel to City of Ember, which we listened to in the car last summer. The dryer is humming away and I am going to soak my sore body in a hot shower then crawl into bed with my book....and husband. Enjoy your family time too...while you play your waiting game. I know God will bless you with rich times together that you would never find here in the comfort of home!!

  7. As you can see it is late at the Reis home. Today I was 5 hours behind in everything. We didn't go to tutoring or piano lessons. We were "still" and it was good. Then off to Swim West for bathing suit for Swim club, with 3 youngest. Figured out we already had the right size, back home for lunch, dryer broke, more people dropping off stuff at our home for a garage sale and then co-op. Boys played baseball (lost a ball on the church roof and almost hit Pastor Tom's office window) and then to swim. Home for dinner, Hunts dropped off boy items, Debbie was so cute and excited for you, and Kathy brought me Starbucks. Trevor called from college, flat tire on truck, he broke his glasses changing the tire,spare tire had half air and he had to pump with bicycle pump. He got home at 10pm, fixed dryer and is asleep in a rocking chair. I am now done with dishes, put wet load in dryer and now maybe I can finish that Starbucks! Love you

  8. Well after that day of Jerre's.... a weekend "waiting" in the Ukraine sounds like a dream vacation!!!!! :-)
    Your picture reminds me of the years we lived in Wisconsin. We would drive past guys icefishing like that, every day in the winter. Cool hun.....well yes, very, very cool!