Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Funny Things & One VERY Important Thing

Okay ......

We will let you guess who took this picture.

Hint: Do women look at Google maps and then take pictures of what they see on the screen? (He wants to be able to remember where we were!)

Just some funny things about this place.

There are no shower curtains; big, nice tubs with hand held shower massagers, but no shower curtains.

Some parents push their children in strollers. Many more pull them on little sleds. Its pretty cute.

The women here love boots! Boots that go up to their knees and have a 4 inch heel. They wear them with absolutely everything, mini skirts, jeans, whatever. It is now a game for us to watch for a woman not wearing boots. Natalie wants some, of course, for her 6th grade graduation. (Not gonna happen.)

Bedazzle Mania! Everyone wears jeans here! And not just jeans but glittery, rhinestoned, multi-zippered, very tight jeans.

Many middle aged men carry purses/man bags. We have noticed the bigger the man, the smaller the purse; the smaller the man, the bigger the purse. Dan, Brian, Mark: not to worry we have room in our suitcases to bring each of you one! Would you like a pair of jeans as well? Sam, what about you?

Out the window of our apartment is a gym. In the evening, the girls watch the women do aerobics and mimic them.

There are stray dogs everywhere! The girls have a count for each day.

Only flat sheets, no fitted sheets.

There is a show on t.v. that we think must be Ukrainian Idol.

There is no maple syrup here.

They sell beer in vending machines on the street (less than $2 a piece).

To lock a door the key must be turned three times. You should leave the key in the door horizontally so that no one can push the key out from the other side.

Today was a better day than some of the others. We did some paperwork at the "Inspector's Office." Then, we got to visit and play games with Jen.

Tomorrow will be an important day. We will be going to an office about two hours away to speak with the person who will grant or deny the disconnection/separation between the two younger boys and the older brother. This is the deal maker or breaker.

Thanks for your prayers and emails! We love hearing from you!


  1. praying for you, with blessings, Wayne Knutsen

  2. praying for your success....with blessings,
    Wayne Knutsen

  3. Got the Reese's for Natalie today. It reminds me of Narnia there...always winter...never Christmas. I suppose the boys know that things are in the works now. Praying for continued open doors.

  4. Dear Baudonnets,

    The blog is great, thanks for the updates. We will be praying that God would move this person in your meeting tomorrow and for your health and safety. Psalm 91:14

  5. Colby says, "HI. we miss you! Do you still go to school there? How do you keep the water from going everywhere in the shower? How big is the city you are in?"

  6. glad today went better. praying for awesome productive day tomorrow!!! Love you and anxiously awaiting our man bag. can you get it bedazzled for us?

  7. Oh my gosh I'm laughing so hard, soooo true:) You described Ukraine perfectly. We will be praying for your appointment tomorrow, I know when we had our son and his sister seperated it was the most stressful appointment(other than court)- continue to put your trust in the Lord:) - remember HE IS STILL IN CONTROL


    I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God.
    Bend down and listen as I pray.

    --Psalm 17:6, NLT

  8. The above enouraging word for today is exactly what we will be praying for you tonight. You have your appointment pretty soon. We love you and laughed at all the word pictures. Nat... Hannah emailed you!
    Love you all

  9. Tony, I don't think you are strange with the googlemaps. I have been to scores of places in Europe but couldn't tell you their locations if my life depended on it. (mostly because I was being driven on a tour bus and extremely sleep deprived!!) I also remember the wonderful showers and think that about now, one less shower curtain to clean is really a super idea!!
    Hey Nat and Erin.....the music and CD's for our Jr. WAM musical arrived yesterday. I'll try to figure out how to download and send to you ASAP. We will totally miss you on Sunday as we start up again. Just promise to bring back a couple extra singers, okay.
    Continuing to pray for every step!!

  10. Susan, Tony, Natalie and Erin,
    We hoping and praying to hear good news soon.
    Love and prayers always

  11. Thanks for the jeans information. I can see Dan with a 3 foot by 3 foot bag. That would be cool looking...with rein stones on it!

  12. Hopefully everything was in your favor today. Can't wait to hear how things went. Continuing to pray for all of you. Keep in touch.

    The Santos Family