Friday, January 30, 2009

The Top 10 Things We Like About Ukraine

Sorry guys ... no pictures today! We slept in this morning and then played board games and cards with Slava. It was actually a very stress free day. We enjoyed it!

Tonight we were brainstorming all the things we like about Ukraine.
Here is our top ten:

10) Dessert at Kofines (the most beautiful and tasty crepes you've ever seen)
9) Bakeries one after the next (fresh breads, pastries, cookies, and fancy desserts)
8) Snowy, Birch tree forests
7) Statues, monuments, & parks a plenty
6) Beautiful churches (huge steeples)
5) Wearing your favorite sweater 3+ days in a row is expected!
4) English menus
3) Nice people
2) Emails from home!
And The #1 thing we like about about Ukraine:
1) We are safe, warm, fed, and exactly where God wants us! (We hope you are too!)


  1. "Don't worry, Be Happy" Kids and their music!
    We think you music choices are great!
    Glad you are having fun and happy.
    You are doing His work and that brings joy to all.
    Back to the chore.
    Love and prayer always
    PS Shipments of international pastries welcome here!

  2. oooh ya! international pastries are MORE than welcome :)
    or maybe you can learn how to make the delicious crepes and we can have a huge crepe party upon your return :)
    I'm SO happy for you all... sounds like all is going great!

  3. So, does this mean Slava is already with you? Maybe I missed something. I know you are awaiting the court date...but wondering if either of the boys are staying with you yet? God is so amazing how he has taken you this far and you all sound so good. We are thrilled. We miss you guys, but are thrilled you are safe and where God wants you. Many preparations here for putting the house up for sale next week. Chris' mom visiting for the weekend. Lots to do, but love hearing what's happening with some of our very favorite people on guys!

  4. this is the perfect song. it brings back memories. listened to it on the way to UCDavis. i was so nervous so we played it a lot on the drive down. I'm glad to hear you are not suffering in the edibles dept. pringles and pastries...what more do you need :) way to bloom where you are planted!!praying for a fun and relaxing weekend and an unexpected heat wave.

  5. I'm totally in for the crepe party!! I have a crepe pan! Sounds like an amazing time. I can't wait to see ALL of your pictures. Make sure to take one of each of your favorite things:)

  6. Sounds like you are having a great time! So glad. We'll off to get some things done so I can go to a HUGE garage sale tomorrow :)

  7. Christine and I plus 5 kids are eating pizza and drinking! :) Oh, should we tell you what we are drinking..... Pepsi and coke, guess who is drinking which??
    By 6pm tonight we had 20+ tables of.....yeah, that is right! Plus we have a lawn full of clothes that a draped with tarps, Yeah Brad! The boys are out picking their noses...Ok, so they are out picking up furniture! The Bagatos are dropping off garage sale signs and we are going to send the kids out in the dark to post them.
    Love you and wish you were here for the fun!

  8. Thank you for sharing your adventure> I enjoy reading about what you are experiencing, and seeing the photos.

  9. Hello out there! There was a stomach flu bug in our house this week. All better now. Because of that, it's been a quiet week for me. Lauren has been busy with her new job. Aaron had second official visit at FPU. Marisa has a possible part-time job opportunity. Tony is home for five days straight! We've enjoyed sunny days and it's January. Blessings to all the B's from the B's...

  10. Really enjoy seeing Ukraine through your eyes.
    We continue to pray for your good times and successes.

  11. I love the top 10!!!! Mason wants you to try some halva (it's a pastry made with sunflower seeds.) When you get home we'll have to show you a little russian food store on Cedar & Nees, they have food that the boys will like. You are doing a great job of blogging!!! I know all of your friends who are praying for you appreciate you keeping them updated (then they know specifically what to pray for.) We are praying that you will get a court date soon.


    I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs,
    I will go ahead and answer their prayers!

    --Isaiah 65:24, NLT

  12. Hey Baudonnets!

    It was great to get to see you and talk with you this morning! I've never used Skype before, but that was neat! I'm glad to hear you are getting to spend so much time with the boys. Send them our love, and we continue to pray every night for you all. Jonathan says, "I would give you 20 hugs if I could. Love you!" Benjamin says, "I love you. I hope you are having a great time in Ukraine. I hope you can adopt the boys soon." Rachel says, "I love you, and I hope you had a good time at the circus. I miss you guys and I hope you get the boys soon." Hannah says, "I love you." Jerre's napping. Yesterday was crazy. Just the pile of leftover stuff from the yard sale looks like we're getting ready to START one. Dasvidanya! (or whatever)

  13. Я испытываю этот переводчика интернета. Я уверен он совершьет ошибки. Мы любим вас и смотрим вперед к вашему возвращению.

  14. Our family is still talking about the treat we had at church worship our blessed Savior together though a great physical distance separated us. Please know that we love you and look forward to celebrating with you--all 6 of you--upon your return.

  15. what's new??? we need a new blog!! I keep checking and NOTHING?!?! miss you guys! think about you often.
    pray everything is as smooth as possible.

    I'm moving to long beach tomorrow.