Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On To The Next Step

This morning we had our appointment at the SDA. It was a short 10 minute walk to get there and the sights along the way were amazing! The appointment was brief and went exactly as expected. We will pick up three referrals at 5:00 this evening. After that we will return to our apartment, pack up, and then hop on the train to Kharkiv at 10:30 p.m.

We have just a few hours left to see more of Kiev. Believe it or not, we are headed to the mall to buy t-shirts and flip flops! We've been told the train is uncomfortably hot. Pray we are able to sleep.

We are hoping Kharkiv is as wonderful as Kiev. We aren't sure what our access to the internet will be. Hopefully, we will be able to continue blogging. We love sharing this experience with all of you! If you do not hear from us for a couple of days, please feel free to email us. We can receive and send email for free on Susan's phone. No texts though, please, those are expensive!

Thank you! to all of you who are praying for us, sending us comments, and encouraging verses. We totally love it! You are all in our prayers as well!


  1. Whew hooo!!!!!! Yeah God...again! Didn't want to go to bed last night in hopes that the meeting would be short and we would hear some news! Anticipating the outcome of your meeting made it easier to spring out of bed to check the blog!! We are thrilled that God has again perfectly paved the way. Praying for a great day for you and an even better night of sleep.

  2. Our hearts and prayers are with you as your journey moves on to the next step. It will be interesting to see if you really need those flip flops and tee shirts. We have our computer on 24/7 to follow your travels. God's speed as always.

  3. Praise God! I'm so happy to hear that things went smoothly today. Enjoy your train ride, there's nothing quite like the Ukraine train:)


    Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, "I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”
    --John 8:12, NLT

  4. I just sent my two big boys and dad off to school/work and had a minute to count up the time difference. You should have your referrals in your hand by now!!!!!! Praise God! Wish we could see the boys' faces when you arrive! Nathaniel is super excited about his good buddy returning for fun and play. Once you have the boys, we'll have Nathaniel send a personal message with a picture! Blessings for the train ride!

  5. It is so exciting to wake and hear about God's goodness and provision! Have a safe and fun trip on the train. Will be praying.

  6. 3 referrals? was that expected?
    on a day of new beginnings here in the states it seems appropriate that you are starting your new life with your sons. Just like with the delivery of your girls, the labor pains are almost over and the children will soon be here soon.
    Safe travels and joy are my prayer for you today. Find joy in each part of the journey and praise God for the gift to see Him in the midst of this process.

  7. Just got through watching the inauguration and with the prospect of you all and the boys coming home gives me great hope for the future. Love dad and grandad Frank.

  8. Where's the latest update? Come on! Are you getting a sister, too?

  9. OUR GOD is so good! It is killing me not to be on the computer in the am. It completely broke and is in the shop to download my files. I am to use Trevor's school laptop when he brings it home! :) BTW, I saw your mom today and we talked a bunch! Don't you want to know what we said?? hee hee

    I know the feeling as you walk up to the building where you know inside is your child and your life will change forever. The anticipation, your heart swells, the excitement, and holding of your breath. It is the same feeling as birth and waiting to hold your child and kiss their face. Take a mental picture and breathe a little slower before you walk inside!
    We will wait to hear exactly what you saw and how God make it special. We all love you and of course are praying!

  10. Great to hear that you are on the next leg of your journey.

  11. Hey, Natalie!!! This is Emily and Hannah!!!! We are both praying for you and hope you all have a safe a wonderful trip!!!! We are looking forward to seeing the newest addition to your family when you all get back!!!!
    We love you!!!!
    See you soon!!!

  12. We are SO glad everything is going well!! We are praying for all of you and the boys too. Be safe and can't wait to hear from you again. The pics you've sent are beautiful.

    The Santos Family =)

  13. Praying for you, Tony. Do you need a Doctor?