Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yeah! We are back online!

We made it to Kharkiv, no problems. I guess we got lucky because our train experience was quite nice. I think we were on a newer train. It was clean, comfy, and the bathroom was like a big airplane bathroom. Nothin' on the tracks from us! We were on the train for 10 hours, 10:20 p.m. to 6:21 a.m. We should have slept! We tried, but the scenery was enchanting and we were all excited!

We went straight to our new apartment and then starting visiting government offices. It was probably one of the longest days of our lives. It was all worth it though, because we got to see both boys!

We spent a lot of time in the car, all four of us packed in the back of an Opel. Although our apartment is within the city of Kharkiv, each of the orphanages is in an outlying area, opposite directions from the city, of course. The posted picture is of our view out the car window most of the time.

Kharkiv is very different from Kiev. Think Fulton Mall meets frozen tundra. So far, this place seems very drab to us. To be fair though, it could be because we haven't seen the sun for days! It looks like we might see it today. It's Saturday and all the offices and orphanages are closed so we are going to the town square. We are told it is the largest square in Europe. We are heading out the door now and we will let you know what we experienced when we get back.

We love and miss all of you! Thank you for your prayers and emails. They are keeping us going!


  1. Your song says it is a beautiful day. Here is hoping the sun comes out and the square has a Starbucks! How were the boys? How are the girls? Tiffany and Christian say hi to everyone. By the way, we haven't seen the sun for days either. It has been raining, which is a blessing over here. We have been praying for you every night. Much love....

  2. How are you and Tony feeling? Jerre said you had a sinus infection. Do you have a Dr. there? :) So, I guess the boys know something is going on now. How are they reacting to all this. So, what's the next step. How's the food? Instead of Starbucks, you need to try some klav or klap, "bread beer". --- Of course, that's from LeRoy, not me.

  3. so glad to finally here from you! praying for perserverence and patience for you all this week. Think Moses and Israelites in the desert only much shorter :). Enjoy the square!!

  4. Good to see you posting to your blog.
    The natives were getting restless!
    Good to see you are working your way through the process.
    Love and prayers always,